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Apr 24, 2019

Alison and Greg discuss the week's big holidays: Easter, Passover, and Earth Day. Conspicuous in their absence was 4/20 and Hitler’s birthday because honestly they already get enough play.

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Apr 17, 2019

Greg is back from a big college trip with his son, so he and Alison have a ton to catch up on. Plus some frightening news about a recall that will affect tons of parents, frustrations with partners who do things last minute when you aren't a last-minute person, fake IDs, a call about consent, and more. It’s the newest...

Apr 10, 2019

Room-sharing, vaccines, tackling your kid's tough questions, and more on this week's episode! Plus the show biz conflict that's keeping Greg up at night. It's an all new Childish!

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Apr 3, 2019

Alison's having a rough week, but Greg offers some perspective in an episode that includes discussions of fainting at the sight of blood (especially your child's), homelessness, snooping, exercise, parental guilt, raising boys versus girls, charity, and more. Plus a particularly challenging gig for Greg. It's an...